Christian recs


Here are some useful and interesting Christian websites:


Christianity Online (The Christianity Today Network) -

Iím a member of the Evangelical Covenant Church denomination -

We used to be a part of a ministry called saturday night community ( that has planted out as itís own church Ė Warehouse 242. Theyíre doing great things in Charlotte, NC.

Check out Itís a guide to resources for postmodern ministry.

The best church web site Iíve seen is

The big daddy churches are:,

A good place to get Christian CDs, especially alternative ones, is True Tunes -

If you canít find a book on Amazon, they might have it at Christian Book Distributors - Itís a pretty second rate site, but theyíre working on it. They do have some pretty good sales.

Hereís a crazy site. This guy claims to have found the real Mt Sinai in Saudi Arabia, and I think heís right. The pictures alone are convincing. Wyatt Archaeological Research -

I really like Hugh Rossí work. Heís a physicist who writes about how contemporary physics not only can go with faith but supports faith better than it supports atheism. His organization is called Reasons to Believe. This site has especially good links to other apologist and science sitess.

Hereís a lot of charts for Christian music Ė Rockiní With the Cross -

Hereís something else thatís useful for sermon preparation. Demographics Online.