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I want to use this part of my page primarily as an aid for my friends. I enjoy surfing the Web and have found some useful stuff out there. However, that was after a lot of digging. Hopefully this will make the search easier for you.


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My standard links are now kept at It's easier to keep them updated. Please check it out. Some other annotated links appear below.


Dell Computer Corporation has the best business model in the computer hardware business. They also have the best customer service. And thatís not just my opinion Ė ask around. Itís made Michael Dell worth 24 billion$.

Have you tried personalizing a portal page to get all of the information you want when you first logon? I really like this feature. I use my Yahoo.


My favorite places to shop on the web:

Iíve gotten great deals on computer hardware-type stuff at outpost (of Bowl fame).

If youíre shopping for hardware, try comparative shopping at

Dealtime is another comparative shopping engine.

Did you know the Kelley Blue Book for cars is on the Web? No more running to the library.

I get all my books at Amazon. Sure, theyíre the industry leader. Theyíre also the best. Additionally, they have the best e-cards, in my opinion, especially the blank art work from Art Resource.

Amazon can do out-of-print searches. You might also try Bibliofind - Bibliofind.


Have you tried art on the web? Thatís something else thatís fun to do. Try these sites (theyíre especially great for PowerPoint presentations. I use them particularly in church services.).

The Louvre Art Resource The Hermitage Museum

 One of the best search sites when you donít know exactly what youíre looking for is They have guides for most any area you can think of who recommend the best websites.

Donít have a fax machine? Now you do. eFax will give you a real fax number (508 area code) and then forward your faxes to you as email. This service is the heat.

Need a domain name? Want to hose your domain name and email forwarding addresses? We use Domain Direct. Itís a cheap deal.

Here are two networks for general computing and technology pages: ZDNet CNet

You really ought to surf to the official page of the best band in the world Ė Vigilantes of Love.

Have you discovered crossword puzzles on the web yet? This site will tell you when youíve put in the wrong letter. And thereís a new puzzle every day.

Do you want good weather information? How can you beat The Weather Channel? They also have a customizable service called My Weather thatíll bring your forecast right up. has good stuff. When you canít get the game in on tv, they have a game update that shows play by play field position. Itís almost as good as watching the game, and itís better than listening to Madden and Summerall.

What Sean site would be complete without Vikings links? Like my brother said, donít call it bandwagon, Iíve been a fan since the last time they were good.

Need to know a definition fast? Try While youíre there, subscribe to their word of the day email. It pays to enrich your word power.

Have you heard of the 40-30-30 nutrition program? It works for me. Check out They have a customized program and meal planner that is really helpful. You can actually eat your way to being thinner.

I love Atom Time. It automatically synchronizes your computers clock with the atomic clock. This is important for those of us who are obsessive/compulsive.

TclockEx is an interesting program that lets you change the settings of your Windows clock. Eg, mine shows the seconds and the date at all times. If that link doesnít work, just search ZDNet for TClockEx


I have only found two essential applications for the Palm Pilot on the Web.

One is My Bible by Laridian Software. You can fit the whole Bible on a Palm III. It costs 30-40$ (depending on the version).

The other is free: BigClock. It includes some good alarms and the all important countdown timer (for 14-minute naps) as well as a stopwatch.


I canít even recommend this to you, but Iíve taken the plunge. A few months ago I switched to typing on a Dvorak style keyboard. The Dvorak layout is designed to make better use of dominant fingers in typing. The biggest benefit for me has been the collateral advantage of becoming a touch typist. Thereís all kinds of stuff out there about Dvorak. If youíre interested, start with Dvorak International:


 Hereís a Microsoft product thatís kind of cool Ė images of the Earth from Space. You can see your house, maybe even your dad -

Then surf to the Boycott Microsoft site.